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eNEO2050: An Equitable Future for Northeast Ohio, NOACA's Long Range Plan, is a comprehensive plan that guides Northeast Ohio's major infrastructure investments and vision for the future. This framework sets the agenda for all forms of transportation in the region, including automobile, bridge and roadway, transit, bicycle, walking, and the movement of freight.

The plan also incorporates an examination of the region's land use patterns, environmental concerns, studying income disadvantaged and sensitive areas, with the goal of identifying better policy for housing and economic development within the region.

eNEO2050 takes a complete approach to addressing both immediate and future transportation needs by incorporating elements from studies completed over the past four years. The overall goal of the plan is to increase mobility and improve the quality of life for area residents.

eNEO2050 satisfies a Federal requirement that metropolitan planning organizations shall develop a transportation plan that forecasts at least 20 years into the future. 



As part of the process to create the plan for eNEO2050, NOACA will conduct a multi-faceted public engagement campaign to educate and solicit input and insight from the community. This campaign will include surveys and other interactive tools aimed at generating feedback.

Another element of this outreach plan will include a series of public engagement activities throughout the region including digital town hall meetings, virtual block parties, and eventually in-person meetings if permissible due to COVID-19. Our first campaign for eNEO2050 will pose the question to area residents, "Why should the future of Northeast Ohio matter to you?" We will also host a virtual series of Lunch & Learn seminars that include presenting panelists from other organizations across our region. Additionally, NOACA has launched a podcast with monthly episodes that feature in-depth discussions about the current state and future of our community with key individuals as we aim to make eNEO2050 a reality.

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Enable Inclusive & Transparent Public Planning

The visioning process to create eNEO2050 actively seeks increased participation and decision-making by populations that have been left out of such processes in the past.

Reflect Shared Values

By establishing a shared vision, inconsistent policies and investment decisions can more easily be refined to better effect change.

Respect Choice

Preserving our quality of life, expanding choices for Northeast Ohio’s citizens and respecting local government and individual property rights are essential principles for this process.

Promote Informed Decision-Making

Currently, many decisions and practices are made in the absence of accurate and accessible region-wide or local data. eNEO2050 aspires to provide this missing information and articulate the region’s choices clearly and unambiguously.

Coordinate Efforts & Investments

By relentlessly driving for improvements in how we do business and improving how we plan, Northeast Ohio will be able to eliminate waste of resources and leverage regional assets, investments, and opportunities to their fullest potential.

Enable & Promote Action

This process is intended to stimulate broad public participation, which will lead to development of a shared regional vision and strategic policy framework, a dashboard of metrics, and a set of tools, policies, and pilot programs that will be politically actionable at many levels of government.

Improve Quality of Life

eNEO2050 will promote integrated regional land use, and housing, transportation, and capital investment planning to enhance the region’s economic competitiveness, increase its resilience, provide its citizens better access to decent, affordable housing, and offer more cost-effective transportation choices.






January - July 2020

  • Visioning

  • Network workshops

  • Develop preliminary concepts

  • Develop framework for concepts and feedback


July - December 2020

  • Analyze data and system alternatives

  • Revise and adjust concepts based on stakeholder feedback

Preliminary Plan

January - February 2021

  • Draft plan released for public comment

  • Input received for consideration

Final Plan

March - June 2021

  • Final Plan adoption


Workforce Mobility & Accessibility

This study, completed in Nov. 2019, examines the average morning commute time for the region's primary job hubs. It also provides recommendations for transportation and land use to better match employers with the workforce.

Vibrant NEO 2040

Vibrant NEO 2040 is the most recent regional visioning effort, completed in 2014. This plan looked beyond the NOACA boundaries and examined the wider region's long-range development patterns. The studies completed and goals established in this plan will serve as a framework for eNEO2050.

Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP, is the list of federally funded and regionally significant, non-federally funded projects to be implemented over the next four fiscal years. 

Water Quality Strategic Plan

This study outline the goals, objectives and strategies that serve to address the region's water quality issues. Emphasis is placed on protecting Lake Erie and other freshwater assets and maintaining those assets' value as an economic advantage for the region.

AIM Forward 2040

AIM Forward 2040 is the most recent Long Range Transportation Plan adopted by the NOACA Board of Directors on June 9, 2017. AIM Forward 2040 offered a vision of the region's transportation future and identified $15.8 billion in transportation investments across the NOACA region. 

Clean Water 2000 Plan

Northeast Ohio's Water Quality Management Plan sets the water quality management for the entire region. The plan, last updated in 2014, offers guidelines for future wastewater treatment planning decisions.



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