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Scenario 1: Maintaining Infrastructure System (MAINTAIN)

Theme: State of Good Repair


Preservation of the existing infrastructure is the theme of Scenario 1 - MAINTAIN. This scenario invests 100 percent on maintaining the existing transportation system and zero dollars in expansion.


Majority of daily trips are vehicular and the highway and street network accommodates those trips. Therefore maintaining of this important asset is a crucial investment for the transportation infrastructure. In addition, maintaining and renewing transit vehicles and rolling stocks are another part of this scenario.


The focus of the eNEO2050 is Equity. This scenario pays a special attention to streets and transit services in the Environmental Justice (EJ) areas.  Scenario 1 attempts to keep pavements and bridges in the EJ areas and transit vehicles serving the EJ areas in a good condition all the time.


The transit network of the Scenario 1 is the current bus / BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and rail networks with no extensions.

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