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Scenario 2: Captivating Auto Region (CAR)

Theme: Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV)


In the past decades, the regional investment in the transportation field was focused on supporting automobile movement, in which drivers were the only occupants. Continuation of the status-quo is the theme of Scenario 2 – CAR.


Investing on future highway network capacity projects and adding viable freeway interchanges are two major highway items in this scenario. Regulating the traffic flow entering freeways by installing ramp metering (e.g., traffic lights on freeway on-ramps) and reducing highway bottlenecks are traffic management investments in this scenario. Also, banning truck movement in the Commercial Business Districts (CBD) during the AM peak period is the other traffic management policy in this scenario.


In addition, optimizing the timing of traffic signals and other similar arterial road (high-capacity urban roads that deliver traffic to freeways and between urban centers at the highest level of service possible) projects will restore mobility function of arterials as an alternative network to the freeway network. 


Scenario 2 attempts to achieve the average auto work commute times to the regional major hubs to 30 minutes during the AM peak period.


The transit network of the Scenario 2 is the current bus / BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and rail networks with no extensions.

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