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Scenario 3: TRANsportation System with Improved Transit (TRANSIT)

Theme: Multimodal Transportation System


Developing a multimodal transportation system is the theme of Scenario 3 – Transit. The improved 2017 visionary rail network is the backbone of the transit network of this scenario. The transit network also includes the transit agencies’ future Bus / BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) plans.


The technology advancement will add autonomous (driverless) shuttle buses to the scenario 3 transit network for the improved workers’ accessibility to the regional major job hubs and transit hubs.


The focus of the eNEO2050 is Equity. This scenario pays a special attention for reducing transit service headways to Environmental Justice (EJ) areas. The objective of this scenario is to reduce the average transit work commute time to the regional major job hubs to 45 minutes.


Scenario 3 does not include any extensions to the highway network, however allocates some freeway lanes only to High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV). 


The developed multimodal system of this scenario will include walk and bike connections from major transit hubs to the regional major job hubs and non-motorized access from EJ areas to transit network.


This scenario considers housing developments around transit stations and major job hubs so more workers live closer to where they work. A regional goal in this scenario is to have an additional 1% of the 2050 regional workforce live within 5 miles of the regional job hubs and major rail stations.

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Scenario 3-4 - Projects - Update_Website
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