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What are your biggest priorities for the region? What effects do the choices you'd make for the region have on other priorities? ​

NOACA, in partnership with Sasaki, has created the Crowd Gauge tool to help identify the needs and priorities of residents of the region. This tool puts you in charge, allowing you to define the main areas of focus, and to assign budgetary dollars to the areas of most value to you. At the end, you'll be able to see how your responses measure up against the choices made by other members of the community.

Ready to give it a try? Click the button below to get started.

Or join NOACA at one of several scheduled virtual public meetings to work through this activity in a group setting. You can view the dates of these meetings and register to attend here.


Our Virtual Public Meetings have included working sessions to demonstrate the use of the Crowd Gauge activity. To view the recording of the August 12, 2020, Lake County Virtual Public Meeting and the tutorial on how to use the tool, watch the video below.

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