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As part of the outreach for eNEO2050, NOACA is asking members of the community a series of questions aimed at generating discussion around the core focus areas. We encourage residents of Northeast Ohio to submit a short, 20-30 second video clip answering a particular topic. 

Campaign 1: Why the future of Northeast Ohio should matter to you?

Send us a video from one of the following focus areas listed: 

Existing Transportation Assets

Economic Impacts

Innovative and Sustainable Technologies

Environmental Protection

Equal Access 


  • Videos should express at least two of the following:

    • Why you selected the priority focus area?

    • How does it impact your community and our region?

    • How would this lead to an equitable future for all?

    • Why should this matter to our regional future? What will happen if we don't plan for it?

  • Videos can be informational, creative, thought-provoking;

  • Videos can include action, mobility, neighborhood examples of your focus area;

  • And it should include you!

To participate, record your video and email it along with your name and location to with the subject line, "LRP: What matters for NEO." 

Please note: by submitting a video, you agree to allow NOACA to use your video for social media and website use for public comment and marketing.

Selected videos will be featured throughout our electronic and digital platforms.

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